Radio Jockeying

TV Anchoring


Radio Jockeying and TV Anchoring Workshop

During the course, participants will  get Audio and VIDEO SHOWREEL  , along with a certificate. 

No. of Sessions: 8, 24 Hours

Duration 4 weeks weekend 

Fee:  Rs 5000/-

Per session duration: 3 Hours

criteria: Anyone with an interest inRadio Jockeying , Voice Over and Anchoring

Faculty : Eminetent TV anchor and Radio Jockey.

Weekend Workshop (, Saturday and Sunday) : 
Starts 19 th August  2017 Saturday 

Timing batch : 4 pm-7 pm 

Venue : Take One House , Adjacent D 26 , East of Kailash Near Sapna Cinema , Nearest Metro Kailash Colony


Direct Admission : No audition and interviews to be conducted

 For details Call Irvinder at 9718482220





Take One moment to decide your destiny:

When was the last time you did something for the first time? The question
is like a catalyst to everyone in creative field. It is a field where
every day comes up with new challenges, new determinations, new adventures
and over the all, new achievements.

The world has almost transformed into a global village, and communication
is cracking all the frontiers. TV and Radio have never been so powerful in
the past, they change the views and perception of not only the society but
of those as well who make laws for the society. Such is the power of

If you think you have ‘that’ in you which can change the things around,
and set the world in a better order, please read on.

With the launch of various news and new channels, both on TV and Radio,
there is a burgeoning demand for dynamic
newsreaders/presenters/anchors/Radio jockeys and voice-over artists, who
will enter the world of Opinion Makers.

On the one hand, there are endless opportunities, and on the other, fierce
competition. Keeping in mind the paucity of time for most aspirants,
intensive and result-oriented workshops on news reading and anchoring can
bridge the gap between the two and facilitate youngsters get a firm
foothold in this competitive world.

How do you see yourself in this scenario?

If you enjoy creative discussions then make a career out of it, get paid
for what you love to do most - Become a Radio Jockey.
If you love to grill people who are law makers of today’s world -Become a
If you love to solve the mysteries and bring out the truth - Become a News
If you think you have a voice that will make people take note of you even
with their eyes closed. Become a Voice Over Artist.

The focus is on practical aspects of programme presentation with special
emphasis on voice modulation, diction and pronunciation, screen presence
and commonly made mistakes in English, Hindi and Urdu.
Schedule for the workshop:
Syllabus :
Fair, frank and fearless attitude with command over the spoken language,
Voice control and handling “on air” live news, Communication skills.
*    Development of capability of expressive and Communicative skills
And a positive Attitude, RJ, VJ performance with voice and also creative
thinking and presentation for microphone / camera.
Develop expression & modulation of voice.
* Creative writing skills, language skills, basic scripting.
Conducting studio interviews – live and recorded. How to get the best out
of your guest.
we would train in creative writing as well as presentation of a live show
such as:
(i) Countdown shows (ii) Game shows (iii) Interviews (iv) Film based programs
*News reading and anchoring exercises on camera.
*  Practical voice training & rehearsals on the microphone.
* Audio and Video Demo recording.
*  Hyperlink and certificate distribution