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What Sets us Apart ?

What Sets us Apart ?

We are a community of learners and hence all our activities are underpinned and inspired by a strong learning ethos, which we aim to promote strongly amongst both staff and students. We are committed to maintain and enhance the high standard of teaching and learning achieved by all our staff and students. As an institute imparting professional skills and knowledge, we strive to enable our students to acquire the same in an ever-changing social and economic climate.
Our students will not only become highly employable media professionals. Some will go on to instigate innovative formats while others will develop new ways to apply the technology and yet others will find fresh and imaginative ways to tell stories. To set them on the right path, all our courses are intensely practical. One of the great things about TOS is the opportunities to meet people from different backgrounds in an atmosphere where multicultural diversity is valued.

The students of the institute have explored the opportunity to participate in various talk shows in leading news channels. They have participated in various talk shows in leading news channels. They have participated in shows like ‘we the people’, ‘money mantra’ on NDTV. ‘Generation Next’ an exclusive talk show on Doordarshan focuses on the youth of today has been a learning and sharing experience for the students. The national famed talk show like ‘Hum Log’ , ‘Big Fight’ and ‘ Muquabla” On NDTV; have gained lot of experience for the students of Take one institute of mass communication.